Thursday, June 2, 2016

Blog Prep

The countdown has begun to the Baseball Stadium Tour that will start on Tuesday, June 7.

  Meeting Pirate legend Manny Sanguillen at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.  A real gentleman, who is still adored by Pirates fans.


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  2. The goal: To visit the 23 major league baseball stadiums I have not yet visited this summer. The major trip starts Tuesday, June 7. As a warm-up, I went to Pittsburgh, with my OBC buddy Ron Perry on Friday, May 20. The picture above is of me with Pirate legend Manny Sanguillen. Manny also gave me an autograph. A true gentleman who seemed pleased and honored that so many fans remember him and have great memories of his career. The 7 ballparks I am not going to on the trip are: Detroit (my hometown and I have been to dozens of games at Comerica), Cubs, Cleveland, Toronto, Baltimore and Boston. While I have been to Philly before, the trip currently has me returning there, as much to see some friends as it is on the way from New York to Cinci. Other important thing to know is the term OBC. This is an on line group of sports collectors (see: www.OldBaseball.Com) While OBC is self explanatory from the name, it can stand for, "Old Baseball Cards", as we are collectors of baseball (and other sports) cards from 1980 and prior, or due to our love of the pieces of cardboard, Obsessive, Bordering on Compulsive" or, as many of the women in our lives refer to it, "Old Bastards Club"! On the trip, I will be visiting with many of my OBC brethren, going to most of the games with them and in some instances, staying with them. I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures on this trip. If you wish to contact me privately, please use my, e-mail.

  3. Itinerary for the trip is:
    June 7 - Chicago White Sox
    June 8 - Milwaukee
    June 9 - 10 Minnesota
    June 11 Dyersville, IA Field of Dreams
    June 12 - Galena, IL (Ulysses Grant) and Peoria, IL Grizzlies Minor League game
    June 13 - 15 St. Louis
    June 16 - 19 Kansas City
    June 20 - 21 Hays & Abilene, KS (Eisenhower Museum, etc.)
    June 22 - 23 Colorado Springs and Denver for the Rockies
    June 24 - 29 travel to Seattle via Wyoming to Ft. Laramie, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole to go white water rafting?, and on to Craters of the Moon, ID.
    June 30 Seattle
    July 1 - 2 In the car to get to Fremont, Ca (outside of Oakland, CA)
    July 3 - 7 In Fremont going to the A's on July 3 and Giants on July 5
    July 8 - Fresno Grizzlies
    July 9 - LA Dodgers
    July 10 - 14/15 All Star game is in San Diego on July 12. Trying to get a ticket to the game or the Futures game or the Celebrity Softball game. If so, then I do not plan on going to the Padres game on July 15.
    July 15 or 16 - Anaheim Angels - date dependent on the Padres game.
    July 16 or 17 - Las Vegas
    July 17 or 18 - Grand Canyon
    July 19 - Phoenix
    July 20 - 21 - El Paso, TX
    July 22 - Carlsbad Caverns, NM
    July 23 - San Antonio (Alamo and the Riverwalk)
    July 24 - Houston
    July 25 - Arlington, TX
    July 26 - Baton Rouge, LA (long drive)
    July 27 - New Orleans (excuse me, "Nawlins"
    July 28 - Tallahasse, FL area
    July 29 - Tampa
    July 30 - Miami
    July 31 - August 1 Hilliard, FL
    August 2 - Atlanta
    August 3 - 7 -is dependent on whether OBCer Guru joins me from Hilliard or if I am still travelling alone. If Guru joins me, a straight drive to Atlantic City, NJ for the National Sports Collectors Convention. If by myself, I will make stops in Durham, NC (Think Durham Bulls) and then Williamsburg, VA, before making it to Atlantic City.
    August 8 - 10 - Washington, DC. Going to the Nationals game on August 9.
    August 11 - NY Mets
    August 12 - NY Yankees
    August 13 - Philadelphia Phillies
    August 14 - stopping in Pittsburgh or Morgantown, WV
    August 15 - Cincinnati
    August 16 - Dayton Dragons
    August 17 - Back to Detroit!!! Approximately 72 days on the road. I hope to meet up with as many folks as possible so let me know if you are available when I plan to be in your area. Still looking for folks to join me at games, especially Phoenix, Miami and Yankees. Also appreciate anyone willing to put me up for a nite or 2.

  4. Woohoo Manny Sanguillen! Caught him at a show here. The guy ALWAYS has a smile on his face. Great dude!